Adding Message Tags To Posts:

Although HTML tags are not allowed, you can use the following tags to make your text bold, create links, and more. Also, only certain specified fields support these tags.

[url]link[/url]Creates a web link
[url=link]title[/url]Creates a web link with title
[b]text[/b]Bolds text
[i]text[/i]Italicizes text
[u]text[/u]Underlines text
[s]text[/s]Strikes out text
[img]link to image[/img]Displays an image
[color=#newcolor]text[/color]Colored text
[black]text[/black]Black text
[white]text[/white]White text
[red]text[/red]Red text
[green]text[/green]Green text
[blue]text[/blue]Blue text
[font=newfont]text[/font]Selects a different font
[size=newsize]text[/size]Selects a different font size
[pre]text[/pre]Preformatted text
[left]text[/left]Left justifies text
[right]text[/right]Right justifies text
[center]text[/center]Centers text
[sub]text[/sub]Subscript text
[sup]text[/sup]Superscript text
[table]rows and cells[/table]Creates a new table, see [tr] and [td]
[tr]cells in this row[/tr]Creates a new table row
[td]cell contents[/td]Creates a new table cell
[ftp]link[/ftp]Creates an FTP link
[ftp=link][/ftp]Creates an FTP link with title
[email]address[/email]Creates an email address link
[hr]Inserts a horizontal line
[list]list items[/list]Creates a list, see [*]
[*]item textInserts a list item
[code]C/HTML/etc. code[/code]Displays code